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WPC – Whiskers In The Dark – Photography


wpc, face in crowd, photography, nik, cat

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WPC – Architectural Tour Guide – Photography


wpc, tour, photography, nik, architecture

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WPC – Architexture – Photography


textural, wpc, monochrome, geodesic dome

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WPC – Architectural Collage – Photography

wpc, architecture, collage, street photography, monochrome

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WPC – Needle Sharp Focus – Photography


wpc, focus, needle sharp, cactus, monochrome

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WPC – Security Dog – Photography


wpc, security, dog, chihuahua

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WPC – Repurposed Photo – Photography


I gave this photo a title, “Rings Of Saturn”, and repurposed it in the amateur abstract category of the 2016 Monochrome Awards competition.   The very generous judges gave it an honorable mention.  So I’ve repurposed it one more time here.


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monochrome awards, honorable mention

WPC – Ambience – Whistler’s Mother II – Photography

 Out on a potty break.
ambiance, monochrome, whistlers mother 2, potty break
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WPC – Resilient Railroads – Big Boy – Photography

big boy, steam locomotive, railroad, monochrome, union pacific

Big Boy

happy, smiley, model railroadLike a dinosaur in the age of birds this majestic and strong steam locomotive sits retired, watching with a smile as its resilient DNA still flies the steel rails.

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WPC – Blurring New Horizon – Photography


WPC, horizon, moving, car, monochrome, hdr, street photograpyWPC, horizon, moving, car, color, hdr, street photograpy




2017?  More movement/blur.

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