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Trader Joe’s – The White Ribbon – Shiraz – 2014 – Australia – Wine Review

The White Ribbon, Shiraz, Hunter Valley, wine, Trader Joe's

The White Ribbon
Shiraz – 2014

Since following the The Wine Wankers, I’ve made an effort to pick up a bottle of Australian wine when stopping at the wine shelves.   The Wine Wankers would probably agree that along with boxed wine, Shiraz is considered the national wine of Australia.  In other parts of the world Shiraz is generally known as Syrah.


Trader Joe’s – Vegetable Panang Curry – Food Review

Panang Curry, Trader Joe's

Vegetable Panang Curry
Trader Joe’s

A gob of sticky rice,  a mess, a few green things and a tasty sauce describes this microwave boxed meal.  Trader Joe needs to go back to the drawing board on this one.


Trader Joe’s – Fort Cellars Merlot – 2012 – Wine Review

wine, trader joe's, merlot, 2012, fort cellars

Fort Cellars
Merlot 2012
Trader Joe’s

There’s a hint of vinegar on the cork and a medium-dark ruby color in the glass.  The aroma of a crude red wine fills the air in the glass.  Adding to the impression of a crude red wine is the dryish mouth feel of tannins, eventually leaving a semi-arid climate on the roof of the mouth.   A more than bearable taste follows that.  This is a classic table wine.  A wine that’s not “refined” but ready for a tussle with a hearty bowl of stew and a chunk of bread torn from a long loaf.  How would it stand up to a bowl of chili?  The thought had never crossed my mind until now.   Probably very well.


Trader Joe’s – Dark Chocolate Chunk and Almond Cookies – Food Review

Dark Chocolate Chunk Almond Cookies Trader Joe's

Dark Chocolate Chunk
and Almond Cookies
Trader Joe’s

If you don’t like sweets, you may like these.  Or, if you want to curtail your intake of sweets for whatever reason, these may be a blessing.  That’s not to say these are so bad you wouldn’t eat them.  They’re actually good in their own way.


Trader Joe’s Aloo Chaat – Kati Pouches – Food Review

Aloo Chaat Trader Joe's

Aloo Chaat
Trader Joe’s

Think of these as hot, hot pockets – but with a twist.  The first hot meaning spicy.  The second hot meaning, well, hot – as in more than warm.


Colombia Supremo Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


Colombia Supremo Whole Bean Coffee Trader Joe's

Cigarette butts and stale ashtray.  That’s the smell that came out of the can.  The message was clear, this is going to be different. (more…)

Trader Joe’s Aged Sumatra Coffee 2015 – Food Review

Aged Sumatra Coffee Trader Joe's

Aged Sumatra
Trader Joe’s

This is the 2015 edition according to the label on the can.  The label speaks to the special aging process the coffee goes through.  The beans are aged for two years before roasted and sold.


Bali Blue Moon Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


TJ_BaliBlueMoonCoffeeIf you’re the only coffee drinker in the house, stick your nose in the can for about 10 seconds each morning for a pleasant wake up.  This is one of the best smelling coffees.  There’s a brief hint of chocolate when first opened.  After that there’s a very nice aroma that actually smells like coffee and not burnt toast.  That aroma continues with each opening until the can is emptied.



Cafe Pajaro Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


TJ_PajaroCoffeeIf you like a Starbucks style coffee, you’ll like this more.  The can says extra dark roast.  That it surely is!


Jarlsberg Cheese – Food Review – Trader Joe’s

Jarlsberg Cheese  Trader Joe's

Jarlsberg Cheese
Trader Joe’s

September 4, 2015

This is what we call in the US, Swiss cheese.  However, this time the cheese is made in Norway.  So don’t call it Swiss.  Call it Jarlsberg.

The cheese is; soft but firm, easy to cut, mild, and tastes like a mild Swiss cheese with sometimes just a very little hint of sweetness.  It cuts easily into chunks which are perfect for a cheese tray or noshing.  Trader Joe cuts and repackages this cheese from a wheel.  The new wrapping is just a bit loose, so don’t store it in your refrigerator too long or parts will dry out a bit.  It’s a good cheese and not horribly expensive at $7.49 per pound.

Price $7.49 per pound     Calories 100 per ounce (28 g)

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