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How to: Cook Oatmeal With A Coffee Maker – Recipe


oatmeal, coffee maker, recipe, cooking, simpleThe key word in this recipe is With.  Resist any temptation to make it in your coffee maker.

This will help explain why almost all cooking directions for oatmeal are misleading.   It will also help eliminate 72.3% of expletives heard around breakfast time.




Coffee-Off – Medium Roasts – Food Review


TJ_TarrazuCoffeeCoffee is the new wine.  Actually it’s been that way for some time now.  Where there used to be several national brands and a few regional brands which all delivered a pretty satisfactory cup of Joe in the morning to get the day going, there is now a bewildering array of “specialty” brands, blends and bedlam.  To complement this there is also a bewildering lexicon of creative befuddlement which ultimately takes your mind off the fact that you may actually be drinking a fairly bad cup of coffee.


Breakfast Wraps – Recipe


FinishedBreakfastWrapThank you Hardee’s.

Strawberry Banana Yogurt Smoothie – Recipe


Pretty simple.  All you’ll need is a blender.


Pineapple Yogurt Shrimp Curry – Recipe


Talk about mixed metaphors?


Frivolous Frittata – Recipe


Another ALDI special on potatoes leaves me once again with 10 pounds looking for a recipe(s).


14 Days On Clear Fluids – and jello Shots – Day Fourteen



But only one.

And this day only!

The diet’s over.


14 Days On Clear Fluids – and Build-A-Broth – Day Eleven – Recipe


Some times you just have to go for it.


Balsamic Pork Roast – recipe


From mistakes we learn.





Yogurt Pineapple Smoothie – Recipe


If necessity is the mother, who is the father of invention?


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