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Science March 2017 – Convinced Now?


Science March, 2017, beer, street photography, protest

Science March 2017 – Found One!


protest, Science March 2017, street photography

WPC – Eagle Atop – West End Eagle LiveCam Highlights – Photography


A quick confession, this is a picture of my TV.

What’s showing on the TV is a frame from the West End Bald Eagle LiveCam Highlights – here.

WPC, eagle, catalina, nest, atop, wordpress, webcam

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WPC – Robin Wish – (not) Silent Spring – Photography


“I wish people would reread Silent Spring.  I’d like to be here to enjoy the spa treatment next year.”

wpc, wish, robin, spring, not silent spring, rachel carson, environment, ecologoy, bath

wpc, wish, robin, spring, not silent spring, rachel carson, environment, ecologoy, bath

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Have A Happy Humming Christmas – Photography



To all dear readers who happen to stumble across this, have a Happy Healthy Christmas!  And thank you for your persistence in reading mundane food reviews.  I promise to be just as boring in 2017.  Peace and Peace On Earth!

World Rhino Day 2016


Visit fellow WordPress blogger “de Wets Wild” to learn more about the plight of the Rhino.

world rhino day, zoo, extinction, poaching, south africa

Turtle Thursday – Peace On Earth – Photography


Happy Holidays and a Joyous New Year!

Peace On Earth - 2016?

Peace On Earth – 2016?

Weekly Photo Challenge – Laughing Buddha (Budai) – Symbol – Photography


The figure of the Laughing Buddha (Budai) is a  “. . . representation of contentment” often also associated with “. . . happiness, plenitude, . . .”

Laughing Buddha (Budai)

Laughing Buddha (Budai)

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Ex Machina – Movie Review

Ex Machina

Ex Machina

This is a heady science fiction film.  Before people reach for the X button on their browser, good science fiction is neither about science nor about fiction.  It’s about us. To alleviate any fears that may exist from the word heady, the film contains beer drinking, vodka drinking, nudity (female only) and a disco scene.  I can’t explain the last.


U.S.A. GMO Issues – December, 2014 – One Grocer’s Thoughts


Several readers have posted comments inquiring about the GMO status of various products reviewed on this blog.  A recent comment on our favorite tortilla chip prompted me to ask the grocer via email what the GMO content was for the tortilla chips specifically and their GMO policy in general.  The reply appeared well thought out and further briefly explained specific U.S.A. (United States of America) regulations (and non-regulations) which affect the food grown and consumed in the U.S.A.  As the grocer points out below, these regulations affect many other retail grocers in the same way.

So hopefully without me getting in the middle of the GMO debate, here is one retail grocer’s take on the status of GMO products in the U.S.A.  Note also the reference to USDA National Organic Standards mentioned in the reply (linked here).  Hope this helps you find the product(s) you want.


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