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ALDI – Specially Selected Caprese Pizza – Food Review

ALDI Caprese Pizza

Caprese Pizza

This is another interesting pizza from Germany.  Yes, Germany.  That’s not an auto spelling correction gone wild.


Bali Blue Moon Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


TJ_BaliBlueMoonCoffeeIf you’re the only coffee drinker in the house, stick your nose in the can for about 10 seconds each morning for a pleasant wake up.  This is one of the best smelling coffees.  There’s a brief hint of chocolate when first opened.  After that there’s a very nice aroma that actually smells like coffee and not burnt toast.  That aroma continues with each opening until the can is emptied.



Cafe Pajaro Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


TJ_PajaroCoffeeIf you like a Starbucks style coffee, you’ll like this more.  The can says extra dark roast.  That it surely is!


Cameron’s Breakfast Blend – Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review

Cameron's Breakfast Blend

Cameron’s Breakfast Blend

It would’ve been the third morning without Joe.  Joe being, my cup of.  Well, not exactly three mornings.  One morning was supplemented with Mac.  Mac being, Mac’s Joe.  The chances of getting to the Trader to restore the empty stores of coffee in the cupboard before the sun rose on the third morn were zero.  Too late, the store was closed.


Jarlsberg Cheese – Food Review – Trader Joe’s

Jarlsberg Cheese  Trader Joe's

Jarlsberg Cheese
Trader Joe’s

September 4, 2015

This is what we call in the US, Swiss cheese.  However, this time the cheese is made in Norway.  So don’t call it Swiss.  Call it Jarlsberg.

The cheese is; soft but firm, easy to cut, mild, and tastes like a mild Swiss cheese with sometimes just a very little hint of sweetness.  It cuts easily into chunks which are perfect for a cheese tray or noshing.  Trader Joe cuts and repackages this cheese from a wheel.  The new wrapping is just a bit loose, so don’t store it in your refrigerator too long or parts will dry out a bit.  It’s a good cheese and not horribly expensive at $7.49 per pound.

Price $7.49 per pound     Calories 100 per ounce (28 g)

ALDI – Clancy’s Horseradish Cheddar Chips – Food Review

Clancy's Horseradish Cheddar Kettle Chips - ALDI

Clancy’s Horseradish Cheddar
Kettle Chips – ALDI

If the package wasn’t different I wouldn’t know these were not the same chips as the Trader Joe’s chips reviewed last week.  That’s three “nots” in the same sentence.  To say it more clearly, these chips seem to be from the same supplier as the similar Trader Joe’s chips, except for one thing, these have more flavor.


Bay Blend Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's Bay Blend Whole Bean Coffee

Trader Joe’s Bay Blend
Whole Bean Coffee

For the west coast crowd, here’s a Trader Joe’s ultra dark roasted coffee for consideration.


ALDI – Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies – Specially Selected – Food Re-review

ALDI Specially Selected Chocolate Covered Butter Cookies

ALDI Specially Selected Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies

This is basically just an update on the previously reviewed ALDI chocolate coated butter cookies.  For whatever reasons companies do these things, ALDI has renamed and slightly changed the package of these still great cookies.  The ALDI “Cafe Bistro” name has given way to the ALDI “Specially Selected” name.  Most importantly, the same really really good chocolate coating is still on the same unlikely butter cookie.  The combination still makes these one of the best cookies on any grocery shelf.


Cheddar And Horseradish Potato Chips – Food Review – Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's Cheddar & Horseradish Potato Chips

Trader Joe’s Cheddar & Horseradish Potato Chips

$1.99 wasn’t too much to lose.  With a flavor combo like this on the bag, I couldn’t leave them on the shelf.  Curiosity got the better part of me.  Maybe it was the worst part, because it sure didn’t turn out so well.


ALDI – Millville Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats – Food Review

ALDI Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats

ALDI Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats

There are directions on the label for cooking these in the microwave.  A quick word of advice, DON’T!



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