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Trader Joe’s Breakfast Blend Coffee – Whole Bean – Food Review

trader joe, whole bean coffee, breakfast blend, review, price

Trader Joe’s Breakfast Blend

This is perhaps the worst coffee at Trader Joe’s.  Harsh and not tasting much like coffee at all, this breakfast blend may explain why so many people skip breakfast.


ALDI – Simply Nature Organic Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats – Food Review


ALDI-OrganicSteelCutOats-4635Half between steel cut and rolled oaks, these oats have a chewy texture surrounded by a very thick creamy ‘soup’ .   It’s sort of a best of both worlds approach.  The package also carries the USDA Organic seal.


Trader Joe’s – Butter Chicken w/ Basmati Rice – Food Review

food, review, butter chicken, trader joe, basmati, indian

Butter Chicken
Trader Joe’s

Don’t let the name lead you in the wrong direction.  This is anything but sweet and buttery.  This is the Indian version of buttery.   It’s one frozen entrée where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.


ALDI – Cherry Brandy Liqueur Cake – Food Review

aldi, deutsche kuche, liqueur cake, cherry brandy

Cherry Brandy Liqueur Cake ALDI

This is another (new?) variation on a theme.  One more amazing value ($2.49) in a dessert you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.


ALDI – Priano Eggplant Parmigiana – Food Review


ALDI_EggplantParmigiana1039It’s not homemade, but it ain’t bad either.  And unfortunately, it’s better than some we’ve had in restaurants.


Trader Joe’s – Ridge Cut Sweet Potato Chips – Food Review

trader joe's, sweet potato, chips, ridge cut

TJ Sweet
Potato Chips

March 26, 2016

They’re actually sweet.  Well they’re just a little sweet.  They have a really funny mouth feel.  They’re not at all like regular potato chips.  While the first crunch is similar, the subsequent bites have a smoothness to them.  It’s strange.  The other thing that separates these from normal potato chips is the absence of a salty taste in the mouth.  The label bears this out listing only 50mg of sodium per one ounce serving.


trader joe's, sweet potato, chips, ridge cut, nutrition

TJ Sweet Potato Chips – nutrition

The really bad thing about these chips is, I like them.  I could eat the whole 7 ounce bag now.  The problem with that is, at 160 calories per ounce and 7 ounces in the bag, that’s 1120 calories per bag or around 140 minutes (2 hours and 20 minutes) of hard peddling on my exercise bike.  Can anyone recommend a good 2 hour and 20 minute movie on Netflix?

Price $1.99 (7 ounce bag)

Calories 160 per ounce (28g)

New Mexico Piñon Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s

coffee, new mexico coffee company, pinon, coffee, trader joe's

New Mexico
Pinon Coffee

New Mexico Piñon Coffee is made by the New Mexico Piñon Coffee Company.  It’s pretty clear what this is and who makes it.  But what’s a piñon?


Trader Joe’s – English Coastal Cheddar – Food Review

trader joe's, cheese, english coastal cheddar, review, price, calories

Trader Joe’s English Coastal Cheddar

March 18, 2016

This is a very fine cheddar cheese imported from England (Dorset coast).

The cheese has a pale off-white color, not the usual yellow color found in US produced cheddar.  This is not a “hard” cheese.  It’s relatively easy to cut and a little crumbly.  The cheese has a nice nutty flavor with a little bit of a tang.  It’s not a sharp taste as might be found in a New York sharp cheddar, but still a very flavorful cheese.   It reminds me a little of an aged Gouda, but not as hard.  Similar to an aged Gouda you can feel (and hear) a few little cheese crystals crunch between your molars as you chew. Because of the pale color it’s difficult to see them in the cheese.   I could easily get to like this.  And I do.

Calories 120 per ounce (28g)        Price $7.99 per pound

Daniele Salame Veneto – Food Review

salami, salame, daniele, veneto, review

Daniele Veneto Salame

March 18, 2016

Walmart of all places, that’s where I found this pretty good salami.

The texture is sort of chewy/rubbery and a little softer than one might expect from a salami like this. The taste has a fair amount of garlic flavor (a good thing in my book) and is otherwise generally good.   There’s a little bit of another flavor in there which adds almost a little sweetness (probably the dextrose listed on the label).  There is no skin/casing on the salami once freed from its heavy plastic wrapping.

Overall this is a pretty good Italian salami that will satisfy a sudden urge for this type of salami, but not as good as the Volpi salami found at Trader Joe’s and other outlets.

Calories 90/oz (28g), Price $3.98 – 7 oz (198g)

salami, salame, daniele, veneto, review, nutrition

Daniele Veneto Salame  –  back label

Trader Joe’s – California Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Food Review

trader joe, olive oil, california estate olive oil, extra virgin, review, price, calories

Trader Joe’s
California Estate

trader joe, olive oil, california estate olive oil, extra virgin, review, price, calories

Trader Joe’s
California Estate
back label

March 12, 2016

This is a good olive oil.  However the recently reviewed ALDI Carlini Extra Virgin Olive Oil is just as good or better for less money.

Trader Joe’s California Estate Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not as buttery as either the Carlini Extra Virgin Olive Oil from ALDI or my favorite olive oil, Trader Joe’s Spanish Extra Virgin (also less pricey per ml). There’s not much of an olive taste to this oil as compared with the other two oils.  The color and viscosity are about the same as the TJ Spanish oil.

The thing that distinguishes this oil from the other two is some bitterness on the tongue after a few seconds.  Neither of the other two oils has that characteristic.

Price $5.99 (500 ml)    Calories 120 per Tbsp (15 ml)


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