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Trader Joe’s Goat’s Milk Gouda Cheese – Food Review

Goat Milk Gouda - Polder Blanc - Trader Joe's

Goat Milk Gouda – Polder Blanc – Trader Joe’s

This is a rather nice medium soft cheese with a little bit of tang to the taste (TTTT).  It’s not the same kind of tang as an aged Gouda, nor is it as difficult to cut.  I’m going to assume this tang comes from the goat’s milk.


Mario Collina Prosecco – DOC – Wine Review – ALDI

Prosecco - DOC - Mario Collina - ALDI

Prosecco – DOC – Mario Collina – ALDI

The first surprise for this wine is the screw cap.  The screw cap is most likely there as a little insurance for the extra pressure in the bottle.   This is a mildly carbonated wine – bubbly.  As an aside, despite everything you may have heard, there’s nothing wrong with a screw cap on a wine bottle.  They’re just not as sexy as a cork.


Trader Joe’s 1,000 Day Gouda Cheese – Food Review

Trader Joe's 1,000 Day Gouda Cheese

Trader Joe’s
1,000 Day
Gouda Cheese

Well it’s been at least 1000 days (2.74 years) since I first saw this cheese advertised and now, when I’ve finally found it in Trader Joe’s cheese cases.


Moser Roth Chili Chocolate – ALDI – Food Review

Moser Roth Chili Chocolate

Moser Roth Chili Chocolate

This one doesn’t work for me.  The dark chocolate is excellent and totally hides the chili until about a minute later when the heat from the chili starts to warm the throat building up over the next two or three minutes to a low burn and mild chili taste.   My preference would’ve been that the chocolate taste linger.  While chocolate and chilies may work in a mole sauce, it’s not a combination that works for me in this chocolate bar.  





San Zenone Venezie Bianco – 2013 – IGT – Wine Review – ALDI

San Zenone Venezie Bianco  ALDI

San Zenone

This is an ALDI “while quantities last” special.  They could last a long time if my bottle is representative of the wine.


Trader Joe’s Ethiopian Coffee – Whole Bean – Food Review

Trader Joe's Ethiopian Coffee

Trader Joe’s Ethiopian Coffee

There are several firsts for me with this coffee.


Crofton Kitchen Scale – ALDI – Food Review

ALDI Kitchen Scale

ALDI Kitchen Scale

Clearance is my favorite word.  I had never intended to review this purchase.  I had little actual intention of ever buying one.  But clearance, that old Siren, had me hooked, set and reeled in.


Chianti Salami – Food Review – ALDI

Chianti Salami ALDI

Chianti Salami

One of the things that always interests people is, who actually makes store brands?  Here’s a product where we can probably find an answer.


1967 – Toscana IGT 2010 – Grifone – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s

1967  Toscana IGT Grifone - 2010

Toscana IGT
Grifone – 2010

Little did I know when I did the San Zenone Toscana Rosso wine review, that a week earlier I had picked up this IGT Toscana from Trader Joe’s.  If I had remembered I would have done a side by side comparison.  No one ever said wine improves the memory.  Did they?  I can’t remember.


Bellavitano Gold Cheese – Sartori – Food Review – ALDI

Sartori Bellavitano Gold Cheese

Gold Cheese

This is one of those odd, seemingly out-of-place, things that pops up at the local ALDI for some unknown reason.



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