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Choceur – Cocoa Dusted Truffles – ALDI – Food Review


aldi, choceur, chocolate, truffles, reviewJanuary 14, 2017aldi, choceur, chocolate, truffles, nutrition, review
These are good without being overly exceptional.  That’s an odd statement even for me.

There’s a nice bit of chocolate that lives somewhere between a milk and a dark chocolate at the heart of each truffle.  There’s no WOW factor to them.  They’re relatively inexpensive for the amount of chocolate in the box.  And for that price should we expect a WOW factor?  The texture in the mouth  is smooth and melty.  The dusting of cocoa powder adds a bit of taste contrast to the milder chocolate center.  Overall these are a very competent chocolate if your chocolate tastes lean towards the milder side of dark chocolate.  One won’t, but two or three should help satisfy your chocolate craving.   Price $2.49 per box      Calories  240 (1.41 oz/40 g serving size)

ALDI – German Pound Cake Trio – Food Review


ALDI, German Pound Cake Trio, food, review

January 7, 2017

This is the kind of product that used to be found at a local  bakery.  It’s too bad there aren’t more local bakeries anymore.

These are surprisingly light and fluffy.  The cake is slightly firmer than a Twinkie.  The center of each cake is filled with a fruit jam (1 each of: apricot, apple, cherry).  The cakes have a rich not overly sweet buttery taste and feel in the mouth.  Each cake comes in an individual thin cardboard baking tray.  They’re a nice change from the usual cakes that fill supermarket freezer cases.

Trader Joe’s – Ricotta & Spinach Tortelloni – Food Review


trader joes, food, review, tortelloni, ricotta, spinach, priceDecember 31, 2016
Lets just say, your local Italian restaurant would be quickly out of business if it served this dish.  The concept sounded good, the ingredients were there, but the execution didn’t work out – just like some Sunday NFL games.  The tortelloni came out unevenly cooked, ranging between tough to mushy.  The cheese filling was just okay.  Read that as not very flavorful.  The tomatoes varied from okay to mushy.  The red pesto including bits of red pepper, zucchini and whatnot was the best part.  There was very little liquid to the sauce, if that’s what you’re expecting.

trader joes, food, review, tortelloni, ricotta, spinach, price, nutritionHowever, considering the price of $1.99, it’s competitive in quality with other frozen entrées in this range.  If the pasta and tomatoes could be cooked more evenly, this would be a much better dish.  Maybe all it needs is a quick stir in the middle of cooking?

Calories:  460, Serving: Size 1 container   Price:  $1.99

Starbucks – Medium Breakfast Blend Coffee – Whole Bean – Food Review


starbucks, breakfast blend, medium roast, whole bean, coffeeDecember 31, 2016
This was a gift.  Really this was a re-gift, which was probably a re-gift again from someone who picked up the bag and didn’t notice it was whole beans.  Whatever the tortuous path, it eventually ended with me as I have a coffee grinder.  I’m not proud.

The coffee has a mild but nice aroma in the bag.  The brown colored beans and oil are consistent with the indicated medium roast.  Brewed, the coffee has a fairly strong earthy flavor with a noticeable lingering bitterness.  There’s some acid feel and tartness, especially as the coffee cools, eventually settling (and unsettling) in the stomach.

This is a milder version of a typical Starbucks coffee. For those who like Starbucks, this should be a familiar taste.  It’s drinkable black.  Personally, I’d drink this with some half and half as I normally do the few times I’m in a Starbucks.  Price  ?? – it was a gift

Nürnberger Lebkuchen – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


nurnberger lebkuchen, chocolate, trader joes, germanyDecember 24, 2016

Gingerbread on first bite, but there’s much more here.  Second bite, read the ingredient label.  This is a mini fruit cake without the bad reputation.  It’s like eating a puzzle as you try to match the flavors in your mouth with the ingredients.  Third bite, this cookie has history.  It was created by 13th century monks in its present form.  Where would foodies be without monks?  Think about it.  But before the monks the history goes back to the Roman legions.  Where would men in short skirts be without the Legions?  Maybe, don’t think about it.


Imperium Lager Beer – ALDI – Food Review


beer. lager, Belgium, ImperiumDecember 16, 2016

Aside from the fairly recent rise of the craft beer industry, most beers consumed in America are lagers.  Coming from Belgium this ALDI beer of the month is also a lager, but with the usual European flavor.  Generally European beers have more of everything when compared with American beers; flavor, calories, alcohol and bitterness.  This lager is somewhat of a transition between the two.  The bitterness is reduced making it closer, but still different, from an American lager.  For Americans desiring more from their beer, this is a way to take a step in that direction.   Price  $6.49 – 6 pack, Calories – unspecified


ALDI – German Pound Cake Trio – Food Review


ALDI, Germany, pound cake

December 16, 2016

Maybe this should be labeled as half-pound cake?  The cake is surprisingly light and fluffy with a consistency similar to but firmer than a Twinkie.  The cakes have a nice taste and are not overly sweet.  There’s a thin layer of jam, with some pieces of fruit, embedded in the cake, sometimes rising to the surface.  Each cake comes in an individual thin cardboard tray.  This is a quality product similar to what local bakeries might have.  The only negatives are the price and calories (watch it, the box listed calories are for half a cake – really?).  The regular price is $3.99 per box of three cakes.  It seems many people agreed about the price as this was marked down to $1.99 when I purchased it.  One of the nice things about ALDI is we get to try some imported products that otherwise we’d never know existed.  For that reason alone, this is worth a try, if and when it comes around again to the ALDI freezers – especially if the price is $1.99.  Calories 380 per whole cake
ALDI, Germany, pound cake, nutrition

ALDI – Season’s Choice Black Bean Chipotle Burger – Food Review


aldi, black bean chipotle burger, season's choiceDecember 10, 2016

This was quite a surprise to find a mainstream store carrying something so spicy. Have the Zantac ready!

Trader Joe’s – Pineaplle Salsa – Food Review


Trader Joe's, Pinapple Salsa, review, priceNovember 26, 2016

I wonder if the jar was mislabeled?  Except for on the label, what seems to be missing is the pineapple. There are plenty of references in the ingredients to pineapple.  But if they’re in the jar, I missed them.

To be fair, wash away the red stuff and there really are pieces of pineapple in the salsa. Take a spoonful of the salsa by itself and there’s an interesting complex blend of flavors. On a chip, the complexities are muted.

I was expecting a sweet-hot salsa experience. What seems to be in the jar is a very mild tomato based salsa.Trader Joe's, Pinapple Salsa, review, price, nutrition

Aside from expectations, this is a nice tasting mild salsa.  If that’s what you’re looking for give this a try.  But if you’re expecting a pineapple experience, move on.


Calories 15 per 2 tablespoons (30g)        Price $1.99 -12 ounce jar (340g)

Président® Madrigal (French Baby Swiss) Cheese – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


president, madrigal cheese, france, trader joe's, swiss-styleNovember 26, 2016

It’s Swiss, but it’s French.  Hmm?  Well it’s a Swiss-style cheese made in France.  But saying that would probably get me thrown out of the country.  Both countries!

Let’s just say that if the word Madrigal was misread as Magical, that would be a good description of this cheese.  At $5.99 a pound this is a very good semi-hard cheese that actually tastes like a Swiss-style cheese, albeit a milder Swiss cheese.  The only thing to be careful about is the thin wax covering that sort of blends in with the cheese and tends to stick between the teeth if measures aren’t taken to avoid it.  Don’t ask me how I know.

Calories 100 per ounce (28g)
Price $5.99 -per pound

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