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Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy Place – Photography


Okay,  I know.  But just give it some consideration for a moment?


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Turtle Thursday – Heads Up – Photography


A nice warm autumn day brought the turtles out for a little sunbathing.  As for the lone turtle looking the wrong way, there’s always one in the crowd.

Heads Up

Heads Up

Weekly Photo Challenge – Boundaries – Photography

You Too!

You Too!


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Turtle Thursday – Guest – Portrait Of Ruby – Photography


While the turtles are finding some 4 star mud at the bottom of ponds to sleep in for the winter, the hummingbirds are on the way to their Caribbean vacation.  So, until next spring, Ruby we’ll miss you.

Portrait Of Ruby

Portrait Of Ruby

Weekly Photo Challenge – Change – Photography


There’s nothing that changes more than change!




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Turtle Thursday – Guest – Badlands Landscape – Photography


Turtles like landscapes.  So it’s back to the Badlands of South Dakota this week.

Badlands National Park 2 South Dakota

Badlands National Park 2
South Dakota

Badlands National Park 1 South Dakota

Badlands National Park 1
South Dakota





Weekly Photo Challenge – Automotive – Grids – Eight Of Them – Photography

Vertical Grid

Vertical Grid


Weekly Photo Challenge – Monochromatic – Mount Rushmore – Photography

Mount Rushmore

Mount Rushmore



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Turtle Thursday – Guest Bighorn Sheep – Photography


There’s not much water for turtles here in the Badlands of South Dakota, so our guest today is this bighorn sheep.  It was a long way up the ridge to get here and it cost two Clif Bars for the pose. The technical details are; uncropped, 55mm,  f6.3,  1/100 sec,  ISO 100 and shake reduction on for the photographer.


Big Horn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep

Weekly Photo Challenge – Connected – PeeWee and Frida – Photography



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