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WPC – Ambience – Whistler’s Mother II – Photography

 Out on a potty break.
ambiance, monochrome, whistlers mother 2, potty break
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SW Florida Eagle Cam – Photography


eagle cam, sw florida, youtube, monochromeJanuary 14, 2017

If you haven’t discovered this yet, here’s your chance.  It’s the only reality show worth watching.  The chick hatched on December 31, 2016.  Unfortunately, the stream has been down today.  I’m sure it will be back up soon.  Until then there are always highlights to watch.

Found here:  Eagle Cam

Also found here: Eagle Cam YouTube direct.


Amaretto Truffles – Food Review – Tartufi Dolci -Trader Joe’s


trader joes, truffles, amaretto, reviewJanuary 14, 2017

These are very elegant mild dark chocolate truffles with a delicate amaretto flavor.   Many many small pieces of nuts and Amoretti cookies inside the truffles give these a surprising, unique and good mouthfeel and taste.

One downside is that the very small pieces tend to stick between teeth and even between tooth and gum.  That may leave a desire to brush or floss soon after eating.  A second downside is that these are a seasonal item.  It may not be until next December when we see them again.

The packaging is as elegant as the chocolate.  Each truffle is individually wrapped in a shiny paper with a twisty flourish above the truffle.  If put out on a tray, the wrapping helps reduce any concerns about how many people picked up and then put down the truffle.


Château Mayne Guyon – Côtes de Bordeaux – 2014 – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s


trader joes, wine, review, bordeaux, 2014, chateau mayne guyonJanuary 14, 2017

There’s a deep ruby-red color in the glass and a hint of vinegar on the cork.  A strange wet wood aroma emanates from the glass on first pour.  This aroma diminished after exposure to air.  In the mouth the wine seemed to change with each sip.  It was an interesting experience that I suspect would create much conversation around the table as each person might have a different taste experience.  Most of those changes were neutral to slightly positive.  One or two of the changes were slightly negative.  While not the finest example of a Bordeaux wine and possibly not even a good example, overall, the wine was drinkable and enjoyable.

Day two, with the wine exposed to air from the original uncorking and an overnight stoppered storage in the refrigerator, the wine produced some fruity overtones – for a short time.  Gone was the wet wood aroma.  Still present was one of the negatives, a slight off-taste at the back of the throat.

Choceur – Cocoa Dusted Truffles – ALDI – Food Review


aldi, choceur, chocolate, truffles, reviewJanuary 14, 2017aldi, choceur, chocolate, truffles, nutrition, review
These are good without being overly exceptional.  That’s an odd statement even for me.

There’s a nice bit of chocolate that lives somewhere between a milk and a dark chocolate at the heart of each truffle.  There’s no WOW factor to them.  They’re relatively inexpensive for the amount of chocolate in the box.  And for that price should we expect a WOW factor?  The texture in the mouth  is smooth and melty.  The dusting of cocoa powder adds a bit of taste contrast to the milder chocolate center.  Overall these are a very competent chocolate if your chocolate tastes lean towards the milder side of dark chocolate.  One won’t, but two or three should help satisfy your chocolate craving.   Price $2.49 per box      Calories  240 (1.41 oz/40 g serving size)

WPC – Tu Cool 12 T Names – Photography


car, classic, pierce arrow 12, detail, badge

car, pink, t-bird, classic, tu-cool

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Trader Joe’s Brandy Beans – Food Review


January 7, 2016Trader Joe's, Brandy Beans, food, review, alcohol, candy, chocolate
Brandy, I knew her from the old neighborhood. That’s right Brandy Beans. She and Ben, her brother, lived with their parents in the apartment building down the street on the second floor.  Right above them on the 3rd floor were the Shaws. You remember Charlie, now old Charles Shaw,  don’t you?


ALDI – German Pound Cake Trio – Food Review


ALDI, German Pound Cake Trio, food, review

January 7, 2017

This is the kind of product that used to be found at a local  bakery.  It’s too bad there aren’t more local bakeries anymore.

These are surprisingly light and fluffy.  The cake is slightly firmer than a Twinkie.  The center of each cake is filled with a fruit jam (1 each of: apricot, apple, cherry).  The cakes have a rich not overly sweet buttery taste and feel in the mouth.  Each cake comes in an individual thin cardboard baking tray.  They’re a nice change from the usual cakes that fill supermarket freezer cases.

Happy New Year 2017 – Photography


new year, 2017, fireworks, night

WPC – Resilient Railroads – Big Boy – Photography

big boy, steam locomotive, railroad, monochrome, union pacific

Big Boy

happy, smiley, model railroadLike a dinosaur in the age of birds this majestic and strong steam locomotive sits retired, watching with a smile as its resilient DNA still flies the steel rails.

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