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Mockingbird – Photography


bird, mockingbird, portrait

Nothing special.  Just like the way this guy sort of pops out of the picture.  Long lens, short distance.

Trader Joe’s Breakfast Blend Coffee – Whole Bean – Food Review

trader joe, whole bean coffee, breakfast blend, review, price

Trader Joe’s Breakfast Blend

This is perhaps the worst coffee at Trader Joe’s.  Harsh and not tasting much like coffee at all, this breakfast blend may explain why so many people skip breakfast.


WPC – Big Foot Found – Admiration – Photography

swan, foot, lake, big foot

Admiring That This Inspired An Admired Ballet


swan, foot, lake, big foot

Swan and Folded Foot For Perspective

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ALDI – Simply Nature Organic Quick Cook Steel Cut Oats – Food Review


ALDI-OrganicSteelCutOats-4635Half between steel cut and rolled oaks, these oats have a chewy texture surrounded by a very thick creamy ‘soup’ .   It’s sort of a best of both worlds approach.  The package also carries the USDA Organic seal.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Abstract In Green – Photography

abstract, bamboo, green, nature

Abstract In Green

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Dinnertime(2) – Photography

night photography, street photography, drive up, food, dinner, fast food, curb side

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Dinnertime – Photography

BlackBird (2)

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WPC – Back To The – Future – Photography

 Break out the churchkey, drain a couple of Buds, throw the empties in the flux capacitor, we’re going back to the future.
delorean, car, automobile, classic, future

DeLorean Motor Company

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Trader Joe’s – Butter Chicken w/ Basmati Rice – Food Review

food, review, butter chicken, trader joe, basmati, indian

Butter Chicken
Trader Joe’s

Don’t let the name lead you in the wrong direction.  This is anything but sweet and buttery.  This is the Indian version of buttery.   It’s one frozen entrée where the whole is more than the sum of its parts.


WPC – Skywatch Friday – Dark Skies – Landscape – Photography

sky watch, landscape, storm

Dark Skies

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