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Turtle Thursday – Badlands Turkey – Guest – Photography


A South Dakota Badlands turkey from earlier this year.

Badlands Turkey

A more recent and closer to home sign of the season.

Icy Waterfall

Icy Waterfall

Happy Thanksgiving.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Monochrome Lamp – Trio – Photography




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Turtle Thursday – Leaf Me Alone – Guest – Photography


In testing a new lens toy through a not-so-clean glass storm door, I found this dove sheltering on the ground from a pretty good breeze, covered by a leaf.  The dove didn’t seem to mind, staying there with the leaf on his back for quite some time.

Leaf Me Alone

Leaf Me Alone

ALDI – Specially Selected Caprese Pizza – Food Review

ALDI Caprese Pizza

Caprese Pizza

This is another interesting pizza from Germany.  Yes, Germany.  That’s not an auto spelling correction gone wild.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Victory – Won/One – Photography




Victory won is:
  • one word
  • one paragraph
  • one page
  • one photo
  • one recipe
  • one post
  • one turn
  • one step
  • one yard
  • one mile
  • one friend
  • one smile
followed by another.

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Turtle Thursday – Gone To The Dogs – Photography (6 photos)


With the lack of turtle pictures for the winter, Turtle Thursday has really gone to the dogs.

You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy.

You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Ornate Owl Butterfly – Photography


The creators went pretty far out on this one.  Successfully!

Owl Butterfly

Owl Butterfly


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Bali Blue Moon Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


TJ_BaliBlueMoonCoffeeIf you’re the only coffee drinker in the house, stick your nose in the can for about 10 seconds each morning for a pleasant wake up.  This is one of the best smelling coffees.  There’s a brief hint of chocolate when first opened.  After that there’s a very nice aroma that actually smells like coffee and not burnt toast.  That aroma continues with each opening until the can is emptied.



Cafe Pajaro Whole Bean Coffee – Food Review – Trader Joe’s


TJ_PajaroCoffeeIf you like a Starbucks style coffee, you’ll like this more.  The can says extra dark roast.  That it surely is!


Weekly Photo Challenge – Gift Shoppe – Treat – Photography

Gift Shoppe

Gift Shoppe

A treat because:

  • It’s so cute
  • It’s seasonal
  • It’s so cute, it could be a gift shoppe
  • It’s not so cute that it could be a ye olde gift shoppe
  • It’s taken with my new-2-me mirrorless (MILC) camera (eBay)
  • It’s taken with my new-2-me lens (Goodwill)
  • It’s far from perfect, so I have something to learn about my new-2-me things

For more treats, click here.


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