ALDI – Deutsche Kuche Liqueur Cake – Rum – Food Review



So far I haven’t  been disappointed when I pick up any of the European items from ALDI.   This is no exception.

What attracted me to this one, was the word “Jamaica-Rum” in the ingredient list.  It didn’t say rum flavor, artificial flavor or anything to make me believe they didn’t mean real rum.  And now I really believe them.

The cake itself is like a pound cake, except it’s dark and moister and the texture is heavier than a pound cake.  Maybe its a pound plus cake, even if it only weights 14 ounces.  However once the bright shiny foil inner package is cut open, there’s no mistaking this for a  Sara Lee pound cake.  The distinct and definite aroma of rum jumps out of the foil, jabbing the nose like a professional boxer would.  There’s not enough rum to put you on the ropes, but there is enough to make this the predominant and overpowering taste when you take a bite.  In no way am I saying this is bad.  Just the opposite, it’s very very good.

If you can manage to control yourself from eating the whole package in one sitting, reseal the inner package tightly to keep the moistness in the cake.  The moistness is part of the goodness of this product.  Or once open, eat the whole package with some friends.  They’ll be friendlier after this.

And, by the way, you may not be able to control yourself, which is probably why the suggested serving size is 1/5 of the cake.  That’s realistic but rather a larger serving size than most products try to fool us with.  The down side to this type of serving is the 310 calories that goes with it.  But hey, once or twice a year is probably okay?

Oh, also, the price?  – $2.49.  Totally unreal for something this good.

This appears to be one of ALDI’s special items that aren’t always stocked.  I’m off to ALDI now to see if there are any more packages left on the shelf.  If there are, they won’t be.

Calories  310 per slice (2.8 ounces or 80 g)

Price $2.49


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17 Responses to “ALDI – Deutsche Kuche Liqueur Cake – Rum – Food Review”

  1. Rarell Robinson Says:

    Yes,I like the yellow batter cake better.I found myself buying this cake every weekend,then I was told by one of the employee’s that they will not be getting anymore in,and that was then, I took all they had,and stored them in my freezer,down to my last two boxes oh no.


  2. Marilyn Says:

    We bought your pound cake laced with Amaretta and it was just great, Cant find it in any other Aldi stores. Wonder when they will stock the liquor cake again. I’ll buy 20 of them immediately.


  3. mrscongeniality Says:

    Our ALDI store just opened last month I discovered this cake and couldn’t believe how good it was. I went back and got two more. The next time I went back, about a week later, they were all gone! Then I was trying to find where I could order some and read this post and find I have to wait a year for them to return?!!!! The next thing I will have to do is try chocolate rum cake recipes until I can make one this good. 🙂


    • steveo Says:

      Like all ALDI special items, they disappear fast. Sometimes they also appear in the Spring along with the rest of the German special items. Watch your local ads when the weather gets nicer next year.

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  4. Sara Mehrat Says:

    does it contain alcohol? it is not clear in the ingredients…


    • steveo Says:

      I’d guess there’s some amount of alcohol in the cake since it appears to be made with real rum. The nose also confirms that guess when the package is first opened.


  5. Donna Says:

    I am so excited – looked for a review of this product because they are on sale at my Aldi’s starting 3/9/14. Thank you.


    • steveo Says:

      It looks like they’ll be back on the shelves starting 9/17/14. If the past is any indication, they’ll be gone quickly.


  6. gerda Says:

    wish aldi had it all the time. next time I get at least 10, haha


    • steveo Says:

      The amaretto cake is even better than the rum. And, even harder to find. But I believe both flavors show up on the shelves around Oktoberfest, which is rapidly approaching.


    • steveo Says:

      They’re back starting this Wednesday


  7. Stephen McGovern Says:

    Well, if you have extras lying around, I’ll gladly take a case or so off your hands. There’s tat much demand for these as my desserts. I can’t make them myself this good, and I’m pretty good at it. Thanks for the note. I’m serious about buying a case……


  8. Stephen McGovern Says:

    Fantastic cakes! I’ve made several great desserts using these cakes with rave reviews! Can’t wait to get some more. Problem #1. My Aldi doesn’t always carry them! Ouch! Please! Send a shipment to the Texas store in Atascocita, PLEASE, send LOTS,


  9. sharynardiere Says:

    why cant i find more cakes to buy?I can not find any more since christmas. please help


    • steveo Says:

      Unfortunately this is the down side to ALDI. Many of the really good things are only seasonal or special purchases. This is one of them. But they’ll taste all that much better in about 10 months.


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