ALDI Casa Mamita Medium Salsa – Food Review


Need something to keep a medium to large crowd occupied, but don’t want to spend a lot of money and don’t want to be so entertaining that they stay too long?  This is it.

It seems I’m stuck on tomatoes this year.  From pasta sauce to salsa, everything is looking red.  Even though a pretty good homemade tomato based salsa is easy to make, there’s a persistent allure of laziness asking, why can’t someone sell an equally good inexpensive salsa?  So in a classic Diogenes-like search, here’s the first step in the quest for a good purchasable tomato based salsa.  It very well could also be the last step, or at least the last step you’ll want to read about.

The attraction to ALDI’s Casa Mamita Medium Salsa is twofold, price and quantity.   The price is about 70% of the sale price of a branded salsa, but the jar is bigger (about 9 ounces bigger).  That’s more for less.  It’s hard to pass up that kind of deal, especially when you need large quantities for group gatherings.  The only drawback (and maybe it’s not) is it’s pretty bland.  Even a little blander than its branded competitors.  So if you’re looking for something with a little pop, this will disappoint.  However if you just need something to dip some tortilla chips in to keep people’s hands and mouth’s occupied, this will fill the bill.

However, what’s really interesting about this is the amount of tomato flavor in the jar.  It’s just full of tomato flavor.  So much so, that it has more tomato flavor than most jarred pasta sauces.  There in lies the serendipity in this review.  Read the accompanying questionable recipe, Pasta Ranchero.

Calories, 10 per two tablespoons (31 grams)     Price,  $1.79 per 24 ounce jar



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10 Responses to “ALDI Casa Mamita Medium Salsa – Food Review”

  1. Roberta C Caudill Says:

    Just tried this, the corn salsa. AIIEEEE CHIhuahua! GREAT FLAVOR & HEAT TO BOOT! I’m already stirring the pot on a new creation! This is not for the faint at heart!

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  2. sh10453 Says:

    Generally, I like the Casa Mamita salsa from Aldi. You have to shake it well before use, and that is stated on the jar. My only issue with it is that it is a bit too salty.
    I wish, and I hope they’d reduce the amount of salt they use.

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  3. Darcy Says:

    Is there a way to buy the Kale/beet salsa online as it is a temp product in stores?

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    • steveo Says:

      Hi Darcy. None that I know of. In general, I’ve not had much luck finding online sources for products that may have been discontinued or not always available – from any store, not just ALDI. When I do find something that looks similar, the price and shipping costs usually add up to more than I’m willing to spend. I did a brief search for kale beet salsa and found plenty of recipes, but no product for sale. Hope you have better luck than me. Sorry I missed this one in the store. It sounds good. Here’s a link to another fan who asked ALDI about the product and received a not very promising reply.


  4. Matthew Swadner Says:

    Like the product but where is it made?

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    • steveo Says:

      That’s always an interesting question. Unless it says ‘Product of . . . ‘, it’s probably made in the US.


  5. william m lassiter Says:

    Tried the Casa Mamita salsa and you are right about the tomato flavor but bland? No way. Has a much more complex flavor than other medium salsas such as Tostitos. Very good value for the price. All this said knowing everyone has a different take on all foods. Hard to beat homemade but the price is right for something great.


    • steveo Says:

      Glad you like it. I guess I’m spoiled by our local Mexican restaurant which usually has great salsa, although tonight it’s a little on the tame side. Generally, I’d put most national and store brands in the same category as Casa Mamita.


  6. Tari Says:

    We purchased a box of Casa Mamita Taco shells from Aldi’s….there were live ants inside the wrapper and inside the box!! Don’t buy!!


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