ALDI – Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies – Cafe Bistro – Food Review


The name sounds so plain and ordinary.  The cookies tell a different story.

The words “BUTTER KEKS” appear on the back of the cookie.  This provides a clue about the origins of the cookie.  Kek is a German derivative of the English word “cake”.  A little Wikipedia research tells us the story behind the name.  This is an ALDI’s house brand version of the Leibniz-Keks.  If you count the teeth around the edge of the cookie, you’ll notice it doesn’t add up to the magic number 52, which is what the original Leibniz-Kek has.  Incidentally, the original is named after the mathematician Leibniz.  I guess mathematicians can have a sweet tooth?

Putting aside the interesting history, these are some fine cookies.  It’s got to be the chocolate that does it.  The cookie comes in two variations, with either a milk chocolate or a dark chocolate covering.  Either one is a winner.  The cookie is made in Germany.  As a European chocolate, it is not as sweet as a typical American chocolate.  To my taste buds the milk chocolate isn’t much “lighter” than the dark chocolate.  However the milk chocolate has a softer melt in the mouth texture, making it feel almost luxurious.  The dark chocolate isn’t much behind the milk chocolate in the silky feel department.  The major difference is a little more intense cocoa taste after a few seconds in the mouth.  Either one should be slowly eaten to get the full effect of the texture and flavor.

The most amazing thing is that one cookie has the ability to be almost totally satisfying.  There’s no need to eat half the package and then wonder what’s next.  At 70 calories per satisfaction (cookie) this is an affordable calorie treat.

The other really nice thing about this product is the picture imprinted in the chocolate covering of each cookie.  I’m sure there’s a machine that does this at almost no additional manufacturing cost, but what the … ,  it makes the cookie look as good as it tastes.  Nice touch.

Calories 70/cookie   Price  $1.49

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29 Responses to “ALDI – Chocolate Coated Butter Cookies – Cafe Bistro – Food Review”

  1. Robert Says:

    My mom bought these and I thought they were gonna be disgusting but, they were the exact opposite.

  2. kenny f powers Says:

    i b down wit the dark. excellent article

  3. Ian Bane Says:

    These Aldi biscuits are my favourite. However here in Australia, the dark choc sells about 5 time the amount compared to the milk, and the management has failed to adjust stock levels, so the dark often run out. I must confess I am dark choc version hoarder!

    • steveo Says:

      Same here in the US. I don’t know about sales, but the shelf seems to have about 5 times as many milk versus dark chocolate. I think that’s the way they ship in. With some digging through the boxes, I usually manage to find my fix for the week.

  4. By Says:

    An ALDI store opened up here (Patchogue, NY, USA) and it was not very long before I discovered those “Bistro”-brand (dark chocolate) BUTTER KEKS. Became instantly addicted. I think they are the best thing ever to come from Europe. For some reason, I seem to prefer the ones from Germany to the French ones. Darker chocolate or better BUTTER in the KEKS, perhaps.

  5. Can Castle Says:

    To help with the embossed edifices pictured, you have some iconic European symbols: the Eiffel Tower for France (these cookies are very similar to Petit Ecolier by Lu), London’s large Ferris wheel, Holstentor in Germany, Brandenburg Gate (Berlin), a Windmill (Kinderdijk) Holland, Grand Place, (Brussels) Belgium.

    • Jill Adds Says:

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for identifying the landmarks – that’s exactly what I was looking for when I googled the cookie name! I believe the “Ferris wheel” is called The London Eye – huge enclosed capsules v. open air seat with a safety bar across the lap.

    • Edith Karnitsch Says:

      The Ferris wheel I’m pretty sure is the one in Vienna. It’s chunkier than the London Eye and a well known landmark. It features in the b/w movie The Third Man.

      • steveo Says:

        Thanks. That looks like a match to me. There’s the 3 horizontal braces on the legs and the additional steel structures and cables between cars. Good eye for ferris wheels and classic movies!

  6. NJJ Says:

    does anyone know what the pictures are of? we have some identified but not all

  7. susanhardy Says:

    More Aldi love – part 1 of my 3-post series – starting with the good stuff first…

  8. sabrina Says:

    How can i order these cookies online

    • steveo Says:

      I did a quick search but didn’t find that ALDI sells online. However, I did find the original chocolate Liebniz Keks that Cafe Bistro are modeled from. Try the this link, Amazon Liebniz Keks. They’re considerably more expensive, $10 for 2 ounces with shipping (ouch). I haven’t tried them.

      Or, you may have a friend in another city who could ship you some?

      Good Luck.

  9. susanhardy Says:

    OK, now I’m a little bit mad/worried. Are you guys missing the normal rice cakes at your local Aldi?

  10. T. Lattimore Says:

    I would love to find out where to purchase theses cookies. They were a gift from a friend. My wife and I would love to find these

    • steveo Says:

      About half way down the first isle on the right.
      I suspect you haven’t run across an ALDI store where you live. Type ALDI in your favorite search engine and see if there are any ALDI stores near you. Once you find one, my guess is they’ll be in about the same location as my local store.
      Once you find them, there should be a bunch of similar items to further tempt.
      Bring cash or debit card. That’s all they take.
      ALDI is a unique place.

      • Fanny/iz4blue Says:

        Wow that’s exact the same location they are at my local branch! I’ll have to check with the family overseas if your theory is correct. Shopping at Aldi has sentimental value for me – though the deals there far more impressive since we border Germany.

      • steveo Says:

        Top shelf?

      • Patty Says:

        Shopping at Aldi’s is a necessity for me. Must be nice to see it as just a nice sentimental experience. Wish they had these choco biscuits all the time. They are the bomb. I bought some for my liberal (ugh) relatives to serve at Christmas and they acted like “whatever”. Liberals are so freakin’ creepy.

      • Fanny/iz4blue Says:

        yes! Top shelf here :) and if I remember correctly its only been 2 or 3 years they’ve been carrying these cookies. I happen to be a big fan of their choceur chocolate!

  11. Patty Says:

    These cookies are absolutely delicious. The buttery taste of the cookie is evident immediately, as is the superior quality of the milk chocolate. Top it off with the tastefully done design imprinted on top – this is a great find! I’m going back to stock up for more to give as little thank you gifts during Christmas!

  12. susanhardy Says:

    Speaking of sweet stuff, have you tried ALDI’s Fiber Now bars? They’re so good it’s a bit dangerous. My cautionary tale follows – hope ALDI understands it comes from a place of love…

  13. susanhardy Says:

    awesome, Steveo- love the electrical generator. Never know when you’re going to need that. Or a dehydrator to go with your spaetzle on sale. :)

  14. susanhardy Says:

    So excited when I see people like you posting rapturously about ALDI! I’ve been on an ALDI love train recently too:

    10 Reasons Why Aldi Rocks, and One Caveat:

    Aldi’s Cheeky UK TV Ads:

    • steveo Says:

      11. Milk, eggs, bananas and pizza.
      As noted in the 10 list above, cheese pizza. But also for $5.29, Mama Cozzi’s (perhaps this is mama’s son?) 12″ Ultimate Meat Pizza is the best, most loaded, store pizza anywhere. 28.25 ounces says it all. I’m afraid to buy the 16″ size at $6.99, which is almost twice as heavy, because it might take me a week to eat it? Both, uncharacteristically, located in the refrigerated meat section.
      12. What other supermarket sells, on occasion, an emergency electrical generator? A real one. I might pick one up if I ever find a bag big enough to put it in. That’s an example of some of the quirky things in the weekly specials. Always useful if you just happen to need what’s on special that week.
      13. Walking out of a supermarket for less than $12. Because I have a thing about “renting”, even if it’s a free rental, a shopping cart (it’s just me, not humanity), I bring my own shopping bag and shop until I run out of strength to carry it. That means I seldom walk out of the store spending more than $12. I’ve never had that experience in a regular supermarket, even when I just ran in and ran out with a few things in my hands.

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