WPC – A Perfect Match – Wine and Pizza – Photography

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pizza, wine, wpc, matched

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I’m especially proud of this picture because it was made from scratch dough and secret recipe tomato sauce.  Anchovies, onion, green pepper and mozzarella completed the pie.  It was pretty awesome!  Next I’m looking for a pizza peel and a Chef Boyardee hat.  I already have the mustache!

Chateau Haut-Sorillon Bordeaux Superieur – 2013 – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s

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Trader Joe, wine, Haut-Sorillon, Bordeaux Superieur, 2013, review, priceFebruary 23, 2017

There’s not much on the cork.  In the glass there’s a deep red to purple color and not much aroma.  This is a medium-light bodied simple red wine that tastes good and is easy to drink.  There are a few tannins around to give the wine a little character, but not enough to upset very many people.  There are no negatives.

There’s little information on the bottle or the internet about the grapes or process used to make this wine.  Since it’s a Bordeaux, we can assume most of the grapes used in this wine are Cabernet and Merlot.  Most other reviews on the web give this average ratings (3.5 out of 5).  It’s a fairly mild red wine and should pair well with most foods except the most delicate.  I could sip this all night – regrets in the morning of course.  Price $8.99.

Happy Farms Shredded Mozzarella Cheese – Food Review – ALDI

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ALDI, happy farms, shredded mozzarella, review, calories, priceFebruary 23, 2017

We buy this all the time.  We use it mostly on salads and “Italian” dishes.  Most recently it was used on some homemade pizza.  This is a low-moisture part-skim milk (assumed cow’s milk?) shredded mozzarella cheese that’s pretty much indistinguishable from similarly priced mozzarella cheeses elsewhere.  It has a mild taste.

Although the price seems to vary with the market, it’s generally priced competitively with sale prices of similar cheeses at other stores.  The only negative about this is, my ALDI store keeps moving it around, so it’s hard to find.

Price $2.99 (16 ounce bag)    Calories 80 per 1/4 cup (28g)

ALDI, happy farms, shredded mozzarella, review, calories, price, nutrition


WPC – Against The Odds – Photography

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wpc, rock, seedlng, green, against odds, nature

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ALDI – Chef’s Cupboard Chicken Noodle Soup vs. Campbell’s – Food Review

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campbells, chicken noodle soup, review, price, caloriesFebruary 17, 2017aldi, chefs cupboard, chicken noodle soup, review, price, calories

Andy Warhol would be proud!

Here we have another two mundane food items up for review.  It’s a chicken noodle soup-off between ALDI’s Chef”s Cupboard Chicken Noodle Soup and America’s sweetheart Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup.  And while the ties are still in the dry cleaner for spot removal, the winner is Andy Warhol’s poster child, Campbell’s Chicken Noodle Soup, with the one exception of price.  Campbell’s costs significantly more.  But I’m guessing you knew that already.  So click the “read more” button below to further unravel the noodles.
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ALDI – Casa Mamita Chipotle Lime Salsa – Food Review

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aldi, salsa, chipotle lime, review, price, casa mamitaaldi, salsa, chipotle lime, nutrition, review, price, casa mamita

February 17, 2017

A warning:  while this is labeled as medium heat there are touches of hot dispersed throughout.

Along with the strange heat characteristic is the strange taste characteristic.  The strange taste which comes across as a form of bitterness appears to come from the diced tomato in the salsa.  Getting back to the strange heat, this appears to come from very small pieces of garlic in the salsa.  Whether that heat is native to the garlic or the garlic just absorbed the heat from some of its neighbors is up for debate.  The texture is thick like a paste.  This is not a chunky salsa, if that’s your preference.  The salsa is labeled as organic.

If you’re willing to give this a try, buy a jar of your usual salsa to go with it.  That way if this turns out to be too radical for your taste, there’ll be a backup plan on the shelf to go with the chips.   Price $1.99   Calories 10 per 2 Tbsp. (31g)


WPC – Out Of The Shadows – Photography

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Ominous figures arise from the shadows.

wpc challenge, tortoise, zoo, shadow

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ALDI – No Sugar Added Chocolate Fudge Pops vs. Target vs. Fudgsicle – Food Review

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ALDI, chocolate fudge pops, review, low sugarFebruary 11, 2017

Today we fudge off three “no sugar added” frozen chocolate pops.  Having only 35-40 calories per fudge pop and total carbohydrates per pop under 10 g, these are a quick pop of chocolate for people wanting to watch their carbohydrate consumption.  There are also “sugar added” versions of these pops, so look at the label carefully if you want to avoid the extra sugar.

As you may have guessed, with no added sugar, artificial sweeteners including sugar alcohols help to sweeten the deal.  So do check out the ingredient labels just in case you have an aversion to any of the ingredients.  As a matter of truth in testing, two testers (with totally different tastes) fudged off for this review.
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WPC – Pub Inner Geek Solitude – Photography

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‘Yes they’re sharing a drink they call “Loneliness”
But it’s better than drinking alone’, Billy Joel – Piano Man

solitude, pub, bar, red checkered tablecloth, hdr

Loneliness isn’t really the same as solitude, although the two often go together.  But that’s not what this post is about.  It’s about the inner geek in people (well in me – not sure that qualifies as people).  On my phone I have a camera app that allows manual control (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc.) of the phone camera including saving the image as a RAW file (DNG).  See what I mean by inner geek?

While waiting for the food during our weekly dinner visit to the neighborhood bar (pub sounds so much better), I decided to try the new camera app.  With some post processing, here’s the result of that inner geek solitude.  And yes, Piano Man is on the jukebox.

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Trader Joe’s – Cheddar Cheese with Caramelized Onions – Food Review

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Trader Joe, caramelized onion cheddar cheese, nutrition, reviewFebruary 6, 2017

I couldn’t find the bacon cheddar, but I did find this.  I’m not disappointed.  A crumbly, little bit sharp, nice cheddar cheese forms the base of this product.  To it is added caramelized onions.  That may not sound good, but it is good – really good.  The onions add a contrasting sweetness to the more earthy taste of the cheddar.  It’s a nice flavor treat for the mouth.  For a modest price, this is a nice cheddar cheese with an interesting contrast that works well.   Price $8.99 per pound   Calories  110  per ounce (28g)

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