WPC – Quest For Food – Photography

09/25/2016 by

Sweat bee searches for sweets.

sweat bee, sweets, hummingbird feeder

Buffalo and turkey share some grass.

wild turkey, buffalo, grazing, sharing

The ultimate quest.

burgers, neon sign

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World Rhino Day 2016

09/22/2016 by

Visit fellow WordPress blogger “de Wets Wild” to learn more about the plight of the Rhino.

world rhino day, zoo, extinction, poaching, south africa

non-WPC – Feedin’ On The Edge – Photography

09/20/2016 by

Since there’s no WPC this week, what’s a person to do?

hummingbird, ruby-throat, feeder, edge, feedingWanna be non-edgy?   Click here.

Marchigue Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva – 2013 – Trader Joe’s – Wine Review

09/20/2016 by

trader joes, marchigue cabernet sauvignon, chile, colchagua valley, 2013, reserva, wineSeptember 20, 2016

This is perhaps the best everyday wine I’ve had this year.

Not that it means much, but on opening the pop from the cork was almost up to champagne standards. There’s a very nice deep purple color on the cork which complements the deep red color of the wine.  The aroma is that of a full-bodied wine with fruity overtones.  The tannins leave a dryness in the mouth, but not very much.  No burn in the throat.  This is something one could sip on all evening.  Paired with an anchovy, Italian sausage, bacon pizza – it held its own.  Honestly however, this is one wine that should be and is worth drinking by itself.

Price – $7.99

Trader Joe’s – Apple Pie Cheddar Cheese – Food Review

09/20/2016 by

trader joes, apple pie cheddar cheese, cheeseSeptember  20, 2016

No, the label has not been photoshopped.  The cheese has a strange taste to be sure.  There’s a little bit of apple taste at first followed by a mild cheese taste followed by a little bit of sting on the tongue.  The consistency is similar to a Muenster cheese, semi-soft and somewhat crumbly.  This is not unpleasant overall and certainly very interesting.  In fact after getting over expectations of what a cheese should be, it’s hard to stop eating.   This is sure to be a conversation starter at any gathering.  And if you’re by yourself, it’s likely to start a self-conversation.

Calories 110 per ounce (28g)        Price $9.99 per pound

ALDI – Casa Mamita – Salsa Con Queso – Medium – Food Review

09/18/2016 by
ALDI, salsa, con queso, medium, casa mamita

September 18, 2016

Uniquely dippable, even straight out of the refrigerator, that’s what this product is.  Some might call it thin, but that depends on your needs and likes.  The consistency is almost as fluid when cold as at room temperature.  If you like your nachos hot, it also heats up well in the microwave on tortilla chips.  Little pieces of jalapeno in the yellow/orange cheese add the heat which is about right for the claimed medium rating on the label.  Unless you get a little piece of jalapeno, it’s not very spicy at all.

However, if you’d like to use this for cooking, read more.  Read the rest of this entry »

WPC – Fishin’ On The Edge – Photography

09/10/2016 by

fishing, lake, edge, fall, sign, street photography

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WPC – Reflecting On A Mirror – Photography

09/04/2016 by
 A mirror is a place for reflections, as is this a place of reflection.
reflection, peaceful, pond, mirror, meditation
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Trader Joe’s Lamb Vindaloo – Food Review

09/04/2016 by

Trader Joe, Lamb Vindaloo, Indian, spicy, food, frozen, reviewSeptember 4, 2016

The rice is nice, not as nutty as I like.  The sauce is awesome, like a golf foursome.  The heat is neat, but will sweat your feet.

The first taste starts as a nice multiflavored tomato based sauce which fools you into a sense of complacency while the heat starts to build in the mouth over the next minute to a level that will have most people calling the nearest fire department. The rice actually tastes better after a mouthful of high heat and helps somewhat to mediate the fire in the mouth.  However, it’s best to have a glass of ice water around to help put out the fire.  Phew!

Trader Joe, Lamb Vindaloo, Indian, spicy, food, frozen, nutritionThe lamb comes in big chunks and is tender to a little tough depending on the piece.  In contrast to some other recently reviewed frozen entrées from Trader Joe’s,  there’s more meat than rice here.   For people who like very spicy hot Indian food, this is a very good frozen entrée.

Calories:  390, Serving: Size 1 container   Price:  $3.99

WPC – Mirror, Mirror Who’s The Fairest In The Frame – Photography

08/31/2016 by
 It’s back to lighted hotel bathroom mirrors which naturally frame whatever looks in the mirror.
square light, abstract, mirror, hotel bathroom light, mirror light, monochromeTo see what else is framed, click here.

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