WPC – Rare To Be So Close – Photography

08/20/2016 by
 It’s rare to be this close (uncropped) and still have a camera!

alligator, close up, eye

tiger, close up

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Moser Roth – White Stracciatella – White Cookies – ALDI – Food Review

08/20/2016 by
aldi, white chocolate, moser roth, white cookies, white stracciatellaSilky smooth versus little crunchies, that’s the choice between these two white chocolates.   Both of these were rescues.  That’s right, in helping reduce food wastage both were rescued from the clearance rack.  These will fill you with love almost as much as that rescued pound puppy while tasting considerably better than that lick on the lips.  And I’m sure that works equally well from the puppy’s point of view.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Chicago P.D. – Fun! On Location – Photography

08/20/2016 by

chicago PD, TV, location, filming

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Trader Joe’s Organic Sumatra Coffee – Food Review

08/20/2016 by

OrganicSumatraCoffee-TJAugust 20, 2016

The beans are large and dark with a satin sheen provided by a moderate amount of oil.  The beans have a ‘roast’, but not burnt, aroma.  Lacking is a real coffee aroma.   First sip of the brewed coffee is bitter.  The coffee remains bitter throughout the cup with the usual lessening due to the coffee cooling and the mouth adjusting to the bitterness.  The bitterness overwhelms any other characteristics of the coffee. This is not a cup of coffee I look forward to having tomorrow. Comparing to my review of another Trader Joe’s Sumatra coffee from 2015, this appears to be a very similar coffee.  A very coarse (chunky) grind and strictly controlling the brew time helps eliminate some of the bitterness producing a better, but still bitter, cup of coffee.   Nice can design.

The coffee is labeled fair trade and organic.  Price $7.99 for a 13 ounce can.


WPC – Morning – A Poem (sort of) – Photography

08/07/2016 by
Morning breaks when the first rays of the new sun caress the horizon.
coffee, morning, french press, monochrome
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Kinroo Blue – Belgian White Ale – ALDI – Food Review

08/07/2016 by

KinrooBlueAle-ALDIThis is an ALDI “Beer Of The Month”.  I’m not sure what month, probably July or August.  But will it be on the shelves next month?  I hope so because it’s easily worth the price.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow Perch – Photography

07/30/2016 by
birds, perch, parakeets, Australia
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Weekly Photo Challenge – Cherry (Hummingbird) On Top – Photography

07/27/2016 by

hummingbird, feeder, cherry red

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Details – Behind The Eyes – Photography

07/17/2016 by

dragonfly, macro, head

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Caretaker Cabernet Sauvignon – 2013 – Wine Review – Trader Joe’s

07/17/2016 by

wine, trader joes, caretaker, cabernet sauvignon, california, paso roblesJanuary 17, 2016

There’s a weak sweet aroma on the cork with a hint of vinegar.  Overall, it’s a pleasant start.  For a red, the color is also on the weak side – a medium red transparent color with hints of pink.  Maintaining the trend, a weak wine aroma comes from the glass once poured.  The wine has a light to medium dryness in the mouth.   There are no bad tastes or other bad characteristics.  The wine holds up well in the refrigerator for days two and three.  In fact it may improve slightly.  Other reviewers average this wine at about 3.5 out of 5.  It’s a little better than that in my mind.

Overall, this is a fairly nice wine, even if on the weaker side for a Cab.  At $9.99, it’s a reasonable price for good quality if you’re looking for a California wine.


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