WPC – Eagle Atop – West End Eagle LiveCam Highlights – Photography

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A quick confession, this is a picture of my TV.

What’s showing on the TV is a frame from the West End Bald Eagle LiveCam Highlights – here.

WPC, eagle, catalina, nest, atop, wordpress, webcam

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Trader Joe’s – Farmhouse English Cheddar with Italian Truffles – Food Review

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trader joe, review, price, calories, English cheddar, Italian truffles, nutrition, cheeseMarch 16, 2017

This is another one where it would be way too easy to eat the whole package in one sitting.  A very little bit of a smokey peppery earthy taste mixed in with creamy, but not soft, English cheddar is the best description I could come up with.  That description doesn’t do it taste justice.  It may not be to everyone’s liking, but this is very good.

Of particular note are a couple of the lesser ingredients, anchovy and bamboo fiber.  What’s This For?  Well I sure don’t know, but whatever the reason the whole seems to work just fine.

At $9.99 per pound, this is in line with similar cheeses at Trader Joe’s.  The calories, at 110 per ounce (28g), are also similar to other cheeses.

ALDI – Peanut Delight Creamy Peanut Butter – Food Review

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ALDI, review, calories, price, nutrition, creamy, peanut butter, peanut delightALDI, review, calories, price, nutrition, creamy, peanut butter, peanut delightMarch 16, 2017

This is another staple at home here.  It may not be the creamiest peanut butter, but like many everyday items at ALDI it’s reasonably priced, good quality and similar in nutritional value to many major brands.  It also tastes good and goes well with jelly. Calories  180/2 Tbsp (32g)     Price $2.99 per 40 ounce plastic jar

ALDI – Sea Queen Crab Cakes – Food Review

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ALDI, Sea Queen, Crab Cakes, price, review, calories, nutritionALDI, Sea Queen, Crab Cakes, price, review, calories, nutritionMarch 16, 2017

My expectations weren’t high and they were met. These are crabby and mushy.  That description is not uncommon when it comes to crab cakes. A really good crab cake consists of chunks of crab meat with a little bit of mayonnaise based filler to bind everything together and maybe a thin layer of breading to give it some crunch when it’s pan fried. Outside of one or two restaurants I’ve been to a long time ago, it’s hard to find anything like that. Most crab cakes in stores, and even restaurants, tend to be like this, with indistinguishable pieces of crab mixed with breading to form a crab mush which is then fried, or in this case baked at home. There was a good bit of crab flavor which was satisfying for those looking for a crab fix. But overall, like Diogenes, I’ll continue to look for the honest crab cake.  Calories  170 per crab cake   Price $5.49 – package of 4 cakes, plus cocktail sauce

WPC – Robin Wish – (not) Silent Spring – Photography

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“I wish people would reread Silent Spring.  I’d like to be here to enjoy the spa treatment next year.”

wpc, wish, robin, spring, not silent spring, rachel carson, environment, ecologoy, bath

wpc, wish, robin, spring, not silent spring, rachel carson, environment, ecologoy, bath

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ALDI – Millville Simple Nut Bar – Almond, Cashew & Sea Salt – Food Review

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ALDI, Millville, Simple Nut Bar, price, calories, review, snackMarch 11, 2017

That’s exactly what this is, a simple nut bar. It’s almost nuttin’ but nuts held together with just enough gooey stuff to make a bar.  There’s a little bit of sea salt added in, but not enough to be very salty.  There’s no chocolate coating or drizzle.  Some dark chocolate would’ve been nice in my opinion.  But it’s still good without.

The nuts are large and identifiable by species, just in case you’re into matching up the ingredients to the label.  Oooh, there’s a cashew!

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Borelli Nero D’Avola IGT NV – Wine Review – ALDI

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March 11, 2017

A medium red color yields a slight earthy aroma in the glass.  After that, there’s not much else.  In the mouth there’s a little alcohol burn and a hint of cherry.  There may be a stray tannin or two which accounts for the earthy taste and mouth feel.   There’s nothing bad or offensive in the taste.  This is a simple $5 wine.  The price sets the expectation for what’s in the bottle.   It’s entirely drinkable, but probably best with food as there’s not much to savor by itself.  While there’s nothing special about this wine, at the same time it’s still equal or better than some $10 wines at mass merchandisers.   Price $4.99



Trader Joe’s – Falafel (Heat & Eat) – Food Review

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March 11, 2017

Now I’m not the world’s most prolific falafel eater.  But I have had them in restaurants.  And for no other reason then to attempt to pronounce the name, you should give them a try sometime when you’re around Mediterranean food.  If you do want to give them a try, DON’T (do not) try these.

A falafel is one of those foods that’s a blank canvas to which the chef has to add the splashes of color (metaphorically).  These have few splashes of color.

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WPC – Osprey Road Taken – Photography

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osprey, south dakota, cloudsA quick hidden turn off a winding hilly two-lane road somewhere in the Black Hills of South Dakota led to a small lake with an Osprey floating in silhouette above it looking for a fish dinner.
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Trader Joe’s Simply Nutty vs. Kind Dark Chocolate, Nuts, Sea Salt Bars – Food Review

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trader joe, dark chocolate, nuts, sea salt, review, price, nutrition, simply nutty barskind, dark chocolate, nuts, sea salt bars, review, price, nutrition
March 4, 2017

It’s predominantly* almond (Kind) versus predominantly* peanut (Simply Nutty) in this nut-off challenge.  For those who need to know quickly, Kind has the bigger nuts. That’s important, because when you bite into them, Kind requires a little more jaw power.  However once in the mouth and chewed around some, the texture is indistinguishable between the two.

For those who like their nuts slightly salty, Kind would be your choice.  In comparison, Simply Nutty is just that – not much of a salty experience here.  Holding all the nuts together at the base, for both, is a dark dark brown chocolate.  Some of the same is drizzled on the top of the nuts.  I guess the drizzle is for decoration, but could be there for the lickers among us who might want to slowly savor the experience.  Licking from the bottom would be too messy.  So, the dark chocolate on both is very much the same, good, but nothing to write home about.

trader joe, dark chocolate, nuts, sea salt, review, price, nutrition, simply nutty barskind, dark chocolate, nuts, sea salt bars, review, price, nutritionThe products are very similar, with small individual preferences being the deciding factors between the two for most of us.  Finally, these type of comparisons usually come down to price.  The Kind bars are 4 bars for $4.99 and the Simply Nutty bars are 5 bars for $4.99.



Kind – Calories 200 per bar,   Price  $4.99  – box of 4 bars

Trader Joe’s Simply Nutty – Calories 200 per bar,   Price  $4.99  – box of 5 bars

*Based on the first ingredient listed on the ingredient label

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