WPC – Shiny Eyes – Photography

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Korma Fish Curry – Trader Joe’s – Food Review

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korma fish curry, trader joe, frozen dinnerOctober 23, 2016

The microwave has never smelled this good.  If this was just a big bowl of the sauce, I’d be perfectly happy.  Complex flavors in the sauce kept the mouth happy.  Little bits of seasoning were like Easter eggs in video games, pleasant surprises that made each bite a slightly different adventure.  Be aware, this is not for the squeamish.  Along with the flavor is a medium heat in the mouth changing to a hotter burn in the throat.

The fish was firm and not oily.  It’s hard to tell if the fish added any flavor to the dish because the sauce overwhelmed it.  My dinner contained a nice large thick piece of fish.  The basmati rice was also nice having separate dry grains of rice with a firm texture.  The rice had a slightly different taste, most likely due to the seasoning in the rice.  A bite of the rice also mediates some of the heat from the sauce.korma fish curry, trader joe, nutrition, frozen dinner

For anyone liking good spicy food, this should be at the top of your list to try.

Calories 380 per package   Price  $3.49

Freshine Glass Cleaner – ALDI – Product Review

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freshine glass cleaner, ALDIOctober 23, 2016

It cleans glass.  It contains ammonia. It works as good as other products.  Is there more to say?  I use it on counters and the stove also.  Check the cleaning instructions on your appliance and counters for recommended cleaning products before using.  My only complaint, there isn’t a refill bottle available.  The spray bottle seems to be the only way ALDI sells this.  However at 89 cents per spray bottle, it’s less expensive than using most other brands’ refill bottles.


WPC – Local Restaurant – Photography

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restaurant, baby robin, birdIt looks like a bush to everyone else, but for this young guy waiting for table service, it’s the local restaurant.

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Frost Vs. ICE – Orange Mango – Food Review – ALDI

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ALDI, frost drink, ICE drink, orange mango

October 18, 2016

The very bottom line on both these drinks is, they’re very similar sparkling sucralose sweetened flavored water with a few vitamins thrown in.  For me ICE has a slightly better flavor.  However there’s not enough difference between the two that I buy one over the other.  When in ALDI I’ll throw a few Frost bottles in my basket and when in another store I’ll throw a few ICE bottles in my basket.

There is a considerable difference in price per bottle, 49 cents for Frost and generally around $1 for ICE.  While that’s a 100% difference, the relatively low cost for either and the few bottles I purchase doesn’t break or make my food budget either way.  Sparkling Frost, I assume, is ALDI’s store brand under the PurAqua product line.  Sparkling ICE is a national brand available in many retail outlets.
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Winking Owl Cabernet Sauvignon – Wine Review – ALDI

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October 18, 2016
This is surprisingly good for $2.89.  But there are better out there for a few dollars more.  A weak red color for a Cab, leads to a slightly fruity aroma in the glass changing to an aroma of a rough red table wine.  Nothing bad so far.  The first sip is a little fruity and slightly sweet. In subsequent sips the sweetness is gone. There are no tannins to speak of which is consistent with the semi-dry description on the label.  Maybe some oak, or something close to oak in the taste. The only negative is a somewhat strange type of astringency causing excessive cheek puckering.  Don’t ask for pictures.  I’m not sure it’s a Cab, if you’re expecting what’s commonly expected of a Cab.

Pairing with some leftover restaurant grilled chicken and chorizo (think spicy), it was not the best companion. The spicy food added to that cheek pucker.

The problem I’ve had in the past with very inexpensive wines (like $2 Chuck) is that the quality varies widely from bottle to bottle. I don’t know if that’s the case here, I’ve only had this one bottle.  Would I buy it again?  If I did it would only be to see how the next bottle changes from this one.  For 3 or 4 dollars more it’s possible to get a much better red wine that’s consistently good – think Italian, think Tuscany, think DOCG, think sangiovese grapes.  If  you’re on a tight budget or think puckered cheeks are cute or just say one day, what the heck, give this a try.  Otherwise pop for the extra few dollars.  On the other hand if you’re at a major retailer that “also sells wine”, looking for a $10 bottle of wine, save yourself a few dollars and buy this one.  Chances are this will be just as good.  Price $2.89.

WPC – Painterly H2O – Photography

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Trader Joe’s Chicken Balti Pies – Food Review

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trader joe, chicken balti pie, curry, frozen dinner

October 9. 2016

For the mildly adventurous this is the more flavorful cousin to Trader Joe’s Steak & Ale Pies.  Similarly, this pie heats up nicely in the microwave.  While a little chewy, the crust is not soggy after heating.  Considering it was heated in a microwave, the nicely flavored crust is fairly crispy.  Instructions for oven heating are also included.

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Sargent Canyon Cabernet Sauvignon – 2013 – Wine Review – ALDI

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cabernet sauvignon, sargent canyon, california, wine, ALDI, central coastOctober 9, 2016
For a Cab, the color is a medium-red.  This one tastes like a Cab.  Mild tannins, a little bit of oak and the grapes add the character and the dryness of a Cab.  There are no off-tastes unlike this recently reviewed wine. This is a fairly good wine, but not a very good or great Cab.  There’s still quite a bit of roughness about this one.  It’s not as smooth as a better Cab.

Cabs are on the stronger side of the wine taste scale.  If your preferences run towards milder wines, this one is probably not for you.  It would be hard to find an everyday food that would overpower this wine.  On the other hand, this wine would overpower most milder foods.   This was a September ALDI’s Wine Of The Month.  However, it also seems to be a regular on the ALDI wine shelves.  At $6.99 a bottle, this is a value price compared to a similar quality California Cab elsewhere.

WPC – Quest For More – Nostalgic E-Type – Photography

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1966, xke, e-type, jaguar, car show

1966, xke, e-type, jaguar, bonnet, car show1966, xke, e-type, jaguar, bonnet, car show, boot



1966, xke, e-type, jaguar, cockpit, car show1966, xke, e-type, jaguar, car show, engine detail

1966, xke, e-type, jaguar, car show, badge detail






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