ALDI – Northern Catch Sardines – Food Review


Sardines.  It’s a craving thing.  That’s the only answer.

Anyone who has ever been exposed to a White Castle, knows what a craving is.  For those who have never met a White Castle, a craving is an unnatural uncontrollable unpredictable unimaginative desire to do the unthinkable.  A can of sardines falls into this category.

For many months I was able to peacefully walk past where the sticky cans of sardines slept on the shelf over their brethren, the tuna.  Often noticed was the sign “… in mustard sauce”.  The temptation offered was never acted on.  Every once in a while, with a few seconds to spare, there would be a quick glance at the cans looking for the telltale yellow on the front cover.   Once, maybe twice, short bursts of rummaging broke out looking for the odd yellow among the placid pastel spring water and oil.  Those moments ended quickly as the real reason for the trip lured me further down the aisle to the $1.49 apple juice.

All was well until that one day the craving hit.  Even knowing the dollar bills would later stick to the fingers at the checkout, rational self-control left the vocabulary giving way to the uncontrollable urge to find that one needle in the hay stack can of yellow, packed in mustard sauce, sardines.  And so, as others were prevented from reaching their cans of tuna, the methodical search process through the hundreds of sticky cans of sardines for the lone and lonesome yellow prize began, only to be stopped by success or eviction from the store.

Success was to be denied this first attempt, as stares of disbelief from the fast-growing mildly angry tuna-breath crowd waiting to fulfill their craving, brought sanity back to the mind.  Quickly grabbing a spring water can, a hasty retreat was made to the apple juice.  But the vow was made to come back with a better attack plan the next week.

To the victor went the spoils the following week.  Timing the visit to the off-hours; victory was snatched from defeat, life from the jaws of death, and two cans of sardines packed in mustard sauce from the shelves.

And you ask, “What about the sardines?”  Pretty good.  Well, pretty good if you like sardines.  The spring water can contained 3  big beefy Canadian sardines.  This is the kind the RCM must eat.   Each was easy to handle and a good mouthful or two.   The mustard sauce packed six to a can.  The mustard sauce added a slight punch, but nothing extra special.  I’m sure the number and size of sardines will vary from can to can.   All in all, these are just the ordinary type sardines that will satisfy your carving.  What more is there to say?   “Until the next time.”

Price  89 cents per can   Calories, about 300 per can per the web

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8 Responses to “ALDI – Northern Catch Sardines – Food Review”

  1. Matthew Says:

    Just got done eat a can of Northern Catch sardines in water. My favorite. I usually add Louisiana hot sauce. I have to eat them when my family is not around. My wife hate the smell and my kids will eat them all on me. I have tried many different brand names and varieties. This is my favorite and i can add whatever to my liking.

  2. elderfarkle Says:

    I just had my first can on Northern Catch Sardines in spring water. I added my own mustard and tomato sauce. Yummy beyond words. Perfect for me without the added sodium and oil. Got them at Aldi, of course!

  3. Says:

    quality pf product is poor. label is not a fact

  4. Samuel McCracken Says:

    If you can find the ones packed in soybean oil and smoked, those are very good as well. A tip for sardines : Smaller the fish, the better the taste!

  5. david knigge Says:

    I just finished my can of Northern Catch in spring water (from Aldi’s, of course). Add my own mustard. Satisfying? You bet! Only 130 calories. And a gram and a half of Omega 3. Outstanding. And filling. I rarely eat them in public anymore. Those watching make faces as tho I was an unwashed bum with a loathsome disease. Not my kind of people.

  6. Stacy Minton Says:

    I buy Northern Catch sardines in mustard sauce for my husband who loves them. However I got him a can with a tail in it.


  7. Jordan Says:

    Great post!

    I’m eyeing my can of recently purchased Northern Catch sardines as we speak. I prefer them in oil; it’s too bad too since my Aldi has plenty of the mustard packed variety…..

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